Brand spankin new! It’s the Laughing Samurai email newsletter.

Back in the day, we used to send email newsletters. Email newsletters are an effective way to annoy the crap out of your customer base. This is truth. But they’re also an effective way to connect with your customers, especially if your email newsletter provides a unique value. Back to back in the day. We weren’t happy with the newsletters we were sending. Sure, we had engagement. People would call us and say, we love your newsletter and I would like to buy some amazing marketing ideas. But the problem was WE WERE NOT IN LOVE WITH OUR NEWSLETTER. We didn’t like putting it together and because of that we procrastinated. We put it off. We neglected it. And finally we decided to kill it.

This happens all the time. A small business decides to do things for marketing, things they don’t love doing. Marketing for marketing’s sake. They do it for a while and then get busy and use the busy as an excuse to not do marketing for marketing’s sake. Sure, we’re in the industry and we stay on top of these things for our clients, but when it comes to doing things for ourselves, we’ve gone the way of the cobblers children. So we started to think about it. Why is it we are so resistant to doing the things we love (that’s branding) for ourselves. Why are we not reaching out to our customers and sharing what we have to offer? We concluded that while our “news” letter was providing value, we did not love it because it was not fun, it had some of who we are (a love for branding) but it was missing a lot of the elements that make us Laughing Samurai.

So we went back to the drawing board (yes we actually have one of these) and picked a few of the elements that make us us. Things that we could share with the world on a consistent basis. We picked things that get us excited and we picked things that are exportable for the real world (there are some things about being a samurai that you wouldn’t understand unless you are a samurai.) We love our culture and we wanted to share some of the things we get excited about. They aren’t necessarily things that we have created ourselves. They’re curated works of creativity. Some new. Some old. Some new to us. Some old to us. Thing’s discovered and thing’s remembered. Whatever we choose, they’re things we think are cool and inspiring and we hope by sharing them with you, you can get inspired too.

Here’s what you can expect in the Laughing Samurai Email Newsletter:

Something about Branding.

One of our favorite posts from this here blog, or something else that is relevant to marketers. We’re a branding agency, so while we don’t feel like this has to go in here, we put it in because it’s something we love.

A cool video from the web.

Countless numbers of videos are posted to the web daily. Not one person alive has time to watch all of them. We’re usually surprised and saddened when we’ve missed something cool, but happy to have found it even if it’s later than the rest of the world. So, with that philosophy we’re going to be sharing the amazing video work we find, marketing and branding related or not.

Music you could be listening to.

A lot of music has no trouble being found. You’ve heard of Miley Cirus right? But there is a lot of amazing music that never gets heard because it doesn’t have the distribution channels or the marketing dollars. We love music and we don’t discriminate based on era or genre. We’re constantly searching for new music and we want to share some of that with you. Frequently we discover something we’ve missed, forgotten or weren’t alive for the original release. We’re going to share the best of that with you.

Things to do Worldwide.

We’re not shy of packing our bags and hitting the road for some adventure. We have no fears of tent’s and hostels, but we’re not opposed to fancy either. Because you can never have enough good ideas, we’ve stashed a list of amazing things to do if we had an unlimited budget, including a lot of things to do with a normal budget as well. We’ll throw a couple of those ideas your way. If you decide to do them please tell us and send pictures!


Everyone likes food. Some people obsess over it. Calories. Portions. In that view food is something like a necessary evil to be controlled and manipulated to directed outcomes. Other people obsess over it. They eat too much of it, they eat subconsciously or out of habit. They don’t care what they are eating as long as they are eating. Collectively, we are neither of those. We’re obsessed with food, but not in the way where we make lots of rules and judgements about it. There’s a time and place for all foods and we’re on a search for high quality restaurants, recipes and ingredients. For us food is about finding unique taste experiences that we can share with others.

So that’s it. That’s the Laughing Samurai Newsletter. We’re always on the hunt for new and amazing and we want to share what we find with you. If you’re interested in being a part of this magic and can find some room for more awesome in your life, you’ll want to make sure you are on the list. If you love what the ideas you are getting, please tell us. If you take one of our travel ideas and make it yours, again, please tell us and send us pictures. Like the food? Let us know.
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