We Think Green

A job at a company that cares about the environment isn’t hard to find nowadays. For us, green is more than the environment. It’s about treating ourselves and our world with respect. From riding bikes to work to providing organic vegetarian meals in our offices, we try to do the best we can for ourselves and our environment. Finally, we make sure that our employees have ample time to enjoy their real lives, because no one wants to live in a clean world where you have to work 80 hours a week.

Good Food is Mandatory

We are constantly seeking things that are more awesome, and one of the things we love is food and drink. From the Batdorf and Bronson coffee we serve in our offices, to fine craft brews and great wine, we are always looking to experience the best from life. We regularly prepare meals for our employees in our full kitchen, and almost everyone who works for Laughing Samurai has discerning dietary preferences.

Surrounded by Art

Many companies give back to the communities they work with, and by providing gallery space for up and coming local and national artists to showcase their work we feel we have found a community project worth bragging about. We think that everyone should be able to decorate their space with original art that speaks to their personality and taste and with our art gallery Twelve21, we showcase the many talents of the art community in a way that everyone can participate.