FedEx Mistake Turned Into Glorious Pear Jam


Over the holidays, our lovely neighbors over at Marketing Agency Six Degrees ordered us a fine batch of Harry & David Pears. You know, the giant ones wrapped in gold foil!? But, despite both our and Harry’s (or maybe it was David?) request to not, FedEx left these juicy guys on our doorstep while we headed out of town for the holidays. By the time we’d returned, our pears were FAR too ripe for eating. We spent about 5 mins being upset about our nearly spoiled pears and Fedex Ground’s continued lack of competence, before inspiration hit. We gave David (or was it Harry? Again, confused) a ring, let them know the situation and they have happily sent in an order for fresh pears. And with the direction of Samurai Angelina, we realized that these extra ripe ones would make the perfect… Pear Jam!

SO, thanks Six. Thanks, H&D. Thanks, FedEx. And thanks, Ang – for the jam.



8 – 10 Bosc Pears [again, we had the luxury of using Harry and Davids… but any will do]
1 c. Sugar
Juice of 1 Lemon
2 tbsp. Honey
1 tbsp. Vanilla
[YIELDS: Approx. 1 16oz Mason jar.]

1. Peel and cut pears – throw in heavy bottom saucepan.
2. Combine all other ingredients in pan.
3. Simmer and “let it ride” – Stirring constantly (seriously).
4. Let ingredients reduce to desired Consistency – think thick.
5. Taste for sweetness.
6. Check for completion
* by taking a small spoon of jam and sticking it in the freezer. If its “set” or thick – you’re good to can. If its loose and liquid-y, cook longer.

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