Clean and Retro Is the New Black

Logo Design as a Reflection of Contemporary Culture Everyone knows it: retro is “in” these days. That shouldn’t surprise you. … Read More

Laughing Samurai vs. The Snooze Alarm

We will admit… In yesterday’s morning meeting, we found out that the most groggy of us at Laughing Samurai are … Read More

Time Management = Behavior Management

The Reality Time management is not real. You can’t control time. You can’t say, “Listen, Time, I’d like a word … Read More

A Rebrand Is Not Cosmetic Surgery

A businesses is a living thing. And just like any other, it grows and changes. When this happens, it might … Read More

Brand Marketing vs. Product Marketing

Slipping Into Something More Comfortable Let’s talk shoes. Once upon a time, if you were in the market for a … Read More

Taglines. Because People Remember Pith.

If you want to write a great tagline, first understand the nature of one. A tagline is NOT the same … Read More

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