Tim’s Wine Market

The Client

Tim’s Wine Market is a local wine shop specializing in artisan wines. Since 1995, Tim’s Wine Market has been Central Florida’s go to place for individuals seeking fine wines, expert advice and reasonable prices.

The Challenge

Tim’s Wine initially approached Laughing Samurai for help with graphic design. As the brand grew, the needs grew to accommodate the increase in both foot traffic and website traffic. Today, the franchise continues to expand and the company requires consistent adjustments to fit the needs of their clientele.

Tim’s had a need to maintain a strong web presence which is cohesive with the business growth and transitions. We first designed Tim’s Wine website in 2011, but the site was in need of fresh imagery, a new focus on story and increased functionality.

The Response

Laughing Samurai designed a video friendly site incorporating more imagery to help better capture a deeper appreciation for wine. The site speaks to both wine lovers and wine novices, and helps ignite a passion for artisan wines. We endeavored to create an unpretentious approach to communicate this is a local wine shop that anybody can visit.

In addition, we produced videos to educate consumers about wine and highlight the fact that there’s a great story in every wine.

We continue to manage the Tim’s Wine website, in-store design, merchandise, and support for the “Raise Your Bar” campaign.

The Result

The Tim’s Wine Market website is cohesive with the in-store experience and overall brand vision. Tim’s is a boutique wine shop, thoughtfully curated and staffed with wine connoisseurs, taking pride in an old fashioned customer service approach. The website brings Tim’s vast wine knowledge straight to the consumer with an unbiased approach.

Services Provided

Creative Direction
Web Design
Video Production
Environmental Design

Tim’s Wine Market from Laughing Samurai on Vimeo.