Florida Consortium on Inclusive Higher Education

The Client

Florida Consortium on Inclusive Higher Education is a learning service that accommodates students with intellectual disabilities. 

The Need

Florida Consortium needed a comprehensive website that was easy for the audience to navigate and locate resources. The original website was not conducive for those with intellectual disabilities and providers to scroll through and locate needed information. The website approach had to be optimized for the intended audience.  

The Response

We understand the dynamics of a publicly funded entity which requires approval by a board along with the timely delivery of materials. We were tasked with properly cataloguing the consortium’s vast amount of resources in an organized and easily accessible manner. We implemented a system with easily navigable materials in the form of downloadable files, webinars, links, web modules, media and program guides. We enhanced the website accessibility by reducing the amount of extra information, increasing the font size, compartmentalizing the data and delivering the information in easily digestible pieces. We installed disability-friendly components, toggled the font sizes in sans serif, created big bold headlines, color coordinated the resources and added a text-to-speech service. The website features various resources to assist students, their families and educators to help learning and enhance college programs for those with intellectual disabilities.

The website features consolidated, accessible and easily navigable information. The resources are neatly categorized, and guides the audience through a path of learning. The website is in line with governmental regulated guidelines and is ADA compliant.

Services Provided

Web Design
UX Design
Web Development
Content Support