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WooCommerce 4.0 Released with sleek new interface design

WooCommerce released its latest update earlier this month, a major release for the JavaScript-driven plugin. With the updates, it brought a slew of new features including WooCommerce Admin. Originally, the admin interface which began alpha-testing in October 2018 and has over a year of user feedback, was developed as a featured plugin.

The new admin interface features a new, customizable dashboard that allows users to choose which of their e-commerce analytics to display in the performance section, select the charts they want to appear, and customize their leaderboard output.

E-Commerce Analytics Reporting

WooCommerce Admin brings a new central dashboard with statistics, analytics, and enhanced reporting capabilities, allowing users to filter and report on sales, revenue, taxes, and more.

E-Commerce Analytics View

The open-source e-commerce WordPress plugin added a new Analytics section which contains detailed views of numbers from the WooCommerce Admin dashboard, akin to the Google Analytics dashboard view.

Revamped Customer View

Store managers will now be able to understand their existing customers using the new Customers tab, which provides detailed information on each of their customers.

Store Management Tools

With the addition of Store Management Tools, store managers can now fulfill orders, manage stock and inventory, and moderate reviews all from a slide-out panel from any Woocommerce Dashboard page.

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