Florida man starts creative agency with friend, lasts 10 years, records say

Orange County, Fla. – Internet authorities have confirmed two men are alleged to have successfully run a creative agency for over 10 years in the Orlando Area.

Benjamin “Crazy Eyes” Collins and Gilbert “Bulldog” Gomez have been selling services under the alias of Laughing Samurai, having everyone from local area businesses to international firms give them money in exchange for things like digital marketing and website development.

Our investigation revealed the agency has run many schemes over the years including an “art gallery” called Twelve21 Gallery, throwing elaborate pagan “bonfire” parties distributing copious amounts of alcohol to the attendees and having them participate in drum circles and hosting a yearly “Yule Feast” where Collins and Gomez prepare a meal for all of their favorite people.

One former employee told us, “I can’t work with those bozos. They’re too intense and I couldn’t keep up.”

Current employees couldn’t have nicer things to say about Laughing Samurai and didn’t know what the former employees were talking about. They did, however, tell us Gomez can be a little moody, and Collins was unpredictably loco.

When asked, a client shared what it’s like to work with Laughing Samurai, “These m#4ther F&&&ers are unpredictable, but I always get my money’s worth. I like being surprised every month and these crazy dudes will cut someone to make sure the s__ is hot.”

Investigators said that while what Gomez and Collins were doing was certainly reckless, running a creative agency was not, in fact illegal.

Thankfully no one was hurt.

According to Orange County court records, Collins and Gilbert have never done anything questionable and are really, really nice people.