Beets & Booze – Recipe


A Recipe For: Whiskey Pickled Beets

This is a quick refrigerator method of pickling – the alternate to actually canning.

Recipe yields 1 gallon mason jar – or you could do multiple smaller jars

Good for about 10 days.

4 Large Beets
Salt, pepper, olive oil
Tin foil

Preheat oven to 400.

Rub beets in a little oil, salt and pepper.
Wrap the beets tightly in foil. (Seal the edges well and you’ll have 1 less pan to clean later!)
Place on cookie sheet (or available pan)
Roast for 60 – 90 minutes.

*To check if beets are done, unwrap, and pierce with a knife. If this is difficult, the beets aren’t done. If goes easily through the flesh, then beets are done.
Once beets are done roasting, remove from foil and place in a bowl.
Run under cold water or create an ice bath – beets need to cool enough to handle and peel
While beets are cooling, move on to step 2.

1.5c Red Wine Vinegar
1c Water
1/2c. Sugar
2 T Honey
1/2c Salt
1/4 cup of Whiskey (we used Winchester)
1 Tablespoon of Bittercube’s Orange Bitters
Thyme (to liking)
1 orange quartered (with rind)

In a large saucepan, heat: red wine, sugar, salt and honey – just until ingredients dissolve.
Once dissolved, remove from heat.
Add whiskey and orange bitters.
Add Thyme (to liking)
1 orange quartered (with rind)
*Taste test – the pickle should taste salty, sweet, sour, but not too much of either of these. Adjust with sugar/salt/vinegar if necessary.

Now that your beets are cool enough to handle:
Peel off the outer skins and quarter
Place roasted beets in your pickling container (ie. gallon mason jar)
Add pickling liquid on top
Include Orange and Thyme
Put jar in refrigerator, uncovered (never put a lid on while hot – it won’t cool properly)
Once fully cool – add lid and wait.
Beets should be ready to eat in 2 days!
You can eat these a number of ways, but we chose to pair them in a Beet and Tomato salad.
Beets, Tomatoes, Fresh Basil, Vinaigrette (or olive oil and vinegar).


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