Limon Whiskey Chello

Whiskey Limoncello


There are many ways to make the Italian aperitivo, Limoncello. Typically, it’s made with a neutral grain spirit or Vodka. But we’ve Southern up the recipe by using some of our own barrel-aged shine! Since we only let our White Dog age for a month, it landed somewhere between a whiskey and a shine – making it the perfect ingredient for a twist on this Italian favorite and the perfect introduction to Summer.


Zest/Spirit Mixture
1 small barrel of aged White Dog (“moonshine”) OR 750ml bottle of Vodka.
13 Organic Lemons – washed

Simple Syrup
3.5 Cups Sugar
5 Cups Water


Zest Your Spirit/Vodka + Wait
– Wash lemons, removing any wax or residue from the skin.
– Zest the lemons, making sure not to get the white pith. (we suggest a microplane grater)
– Mix the spirit and the zest together in a large mason jar (or sealed container).
– Shake thoroughly and let sit for 45 days (shaking/stirring regularly)

Shake + Filter
– After 45 days, give your zest/spirit mixture a good shake to stir things up.
– Filter through a fine mesh strainer, cheesecloth or coffee filter removing all the zest from the mixture.

– Make simple syrup by combining sugar and water and simmering until fully dissolved.
– Cool simple syrup overnight, making sure its completely cooled.
– Add half of the simple syrup to zest/spirit container, stir and taste – add additional syrup if desired.
(if you intend on making cocktails with your limoncello, syrup can be added later on).

Bottle + Freeze
– Using a funnel, pour your limoncello into bottles for serving, gifting or for personal enjoyment.
– Place in freezer until fully chilled
– Drink up!
– Return to freezer for storing until next use.

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