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Perking Up A Sleep Deprived Team After Daylight Saving Time

The Monday after Daylight Saving Time isn’t always a pretty sight. The coworkers you used to know have transformed into dead-eyed zombies. But instead of brains, they have an insatiable craving for caffeine.

Studies show that an average American worker misses out on 40 minutes of sleep when they wake up Monday morning. While that may not seem like a lot, it’s been linked to a decrease in workplace productivity and an increase in workplace injuries. Thankfully, we don’t operate heavy machinery at our creative agency, but we do operate heavy hitting advertising campaigns so we work hard to prevent any DST-induced oversights. The days following the time change have also been associated with more car accidents, heightened risk for sickness and even poorer moral decision-making skills. Yikes… Your circadian rhythm isn’t something to mess with.

Let’s face it, losing an hour of sleep is tough. But at least that means longer, sunnier days are on the horizon if we can only survive the next couple of days. In the meantime, here are a couple of ways to help make your Monday more manageable.

Drink up

Each year, we spring forward with a pitcher of fresh squeezed orange juice. It’s a classic eye-opener that is also packed with Vitamin C – helping to energize our team and boost immune systems all at once. Plus, looking forward to a glass of fresh OJ makes rolling out of bed slightly less painful.

Turn up

Play some tunes to stifle the silence and stimulate your brainpower. Although studies show that classical music can help with concentration, it might make a sleep deprived team doze off. Encourage your co-workers to contribute to an office playlist –it’ll come in handy for days like today. We’re spinning our 90’s R&B playlist. We’ve found a little bump ‘n grind gets the creative juices flowing.

Perk up

Brew coffee. This is a no-brainer. We always have a pot of Dancing Goats coffee ready to go thanks to the kind folks at Batdorf & Bronson. Today we’ll probably need two or three pots. And it’s especially important to remember the ancient proverb: You kill the joe, you make some mo’.

Tidy up

Take a few minutes to clean up your workspace and organize your inbox before tackling your workload. Removing the online and offline clutter makes it easier to focus when your tired brain is looking for distractions.

Cuddle up

When all else fails, unleash the puppies. Our resident office dog, Pinky, lost 40 minutes of sleep too, but she’s staying alert with plenty of pets. Not only do dogs boost morale, but a quick game of fetch can help get the blood flowing when you want to doze off.

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