Candles Your Coworkers Actually Want

It’s the most magical time of year! Soon you’ll be scouring the internet for the perfect impersonal gift to get your coworker who works on the other side of the office, and whose name you drew for your company’s Secret Santa gift exchange.

Luckily, at Laughing Samurai we know each other pretty well, but at big companies that is not always the case. What do you get Linda from HR? You know she drives a Toyota Camry and appears to have an affinity for turtleneck sweaters. But other than that, Linda is an enigma.

Thank goodness for our favorite fall-back: the candle. The dreaded candle that gets continually regifted year after year. But it doesn’t have to be dreaded anymore. As you’re shopping this Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday, get Linda a candle she will actually want.

1. Chick Lit Candles

Funny female archetypes AND wonderful scents? Sign us up! The packaging contains clever writing sure to ease the awkwardness between you and the coworker you barely speak to. It’s a Christmas miracle!

2. Bergy Bit Iceberg Candles

The perfect icebreaker, eh? This candle was designed by Gentle Giants Studio to show the effects of climate change on icebergs. Hopefully, your giftee doesn’t go on about how global warming is a big hoax and ruin the Christmas party.

3. Blind Barber Candle

Looking for a special detached gift for your male coworker? Rejoice! Blind Barber sells a candle exuding masculine smells – like smoke and leather – that recreates the olfactory sensation of walking into a barbershop.

4. Walden Candle

This candle not only smells good, but its creation was inspired by Henry David Thoreau’s forest utopia. Nothing says “Merry Christmas” quite like a delightfully scented gift with transcendentalist undertones.

5. Malin + Goetz

Hint that your uptight coworker needs to chill out with this candle from Malin + Goetz. Light it up and blaze for hours. Relaxing notes of citrus and sweet patchouli will fill the room with holiday cheer.

6. Stranger Things Candle

Since Season 2 spoilers have been a hot topic at the water cooler lately, chances are your Secret Santa will love this Stranger Things-inspired candle. The candleholder is shaped like Eleven’s head, and red wax drips from her nose as if she has just used her psychic powers. Festive and creepy!

7. JillianSays Candles

We always try to support local artisans when we can – and especially during the holiday season. These locally made soy candles come in dozens of scents, so you’re sure to find a smell that will please any coworker.

8. R Nichols Candles

Charmingly designed and delightfully scented, these candles are sure to never be re-gifted. Oprah once named them one of her favorite things. And if Oprah is wrong, we don’t want to be right.

Don’t overthink impersonal gifts. We’ve done the work for you, so you can stress over all of the other gifts you have to buy. These candles go beyond your standard nausea-inducing scents to deliver aesthetically pleasing design and an enjoyable olfactory experience. Rest assured that Linda from HR will cherish her Secret Santa gift almost as much as her turtlenecks.