10 Breakthrough Tools to Skyrocket Content Creation

Creating original content is one of the most effective ways to put you in the good graces of the Google gods. Staying relevant in the digital era means marketers must continually churn out quality content to keep up with the demand and improve their rankings. The marketers who succeed are doing so with insider tips and tricks for a (near) effortless content creation process.

This list of content creation tools are proven effective for streamlining the writing process. When you learn to use these tools properly and incorporate them into your content generation strategy, you can ignite your creativity and add more value to your content.

Quora is an incredible resource offering a moderated community of experts in nearly every subject. Simply using a search engine, even a powerhouse one like Google, just won’t cut it sometimes. If you are working in the creative industry, you need to delve deeper into topics, not just share the abbreviated version peppered with keywords and fun imagery. Quora allows you to browse thousands of informed answers on any given topic or present your own question and wait for an informed answer from the community.

We love Pocket. It allows us to stay in the loop on news and industry-related content, while also allowing us to save the articles for later reading. You can discover seemingly endless amounts of content, which is constantly updated. Think of it as Pinterest for online content. It is sure to inspire and help you toss a few ideas around.

Google Trends
If you have a few ideas in your head and want to explore the amount of interest in them, we couldn’t recommend this tool enough. Google Trends can help with the ever-important SEO factor, as well as teach you what people are currently searching for. You can peruse various countries and topics to see the popularity of different searches, and even gain insight to see which angle you should take on any given topic.

Help A Reporter Out is geared towards journalists and writers who are scoping out the next topic they want to explore. HARO provides a hearty database of sources for your upcoming stories, as well as allowing you to be a source for other people working on stories. Haro lets you stay ahead of the competition and build a network of trusted sources, journalists and other creative professionals.

This collaborative productivity software allows your whole team to create, share, comment and edit documents. Compatible with Google Suite, Quip is an excellent project management tool that allows the whole group to put their heads together to create polished content. When it comes to content creation, you don’t want to work in a bubble. Bonus points for color coordinated folders!

CoSchedule’s Headline Analyzer
Effective headlines take time and careful thought. You don’t want to waste your time and energy writing an amazing piece of content, only to have it hindered by a crappy headline. CoSchedule lets you breakdown the analytics behind your headline before you post, so you can optimize the headline to get the most clicks. You can gain insight about important factors like SEO and social share potential, and empower your headlines to be eye-catching in a vast sea of online content.

In honor of our favorite novelist, the Hemingway app edits your work with color coordinated highlighting and helpful suggestions for simplifying your writing. Hemingway grades your work and saves you the time and turmoil of editing.

Answer the Public
You want to create the most effective content possible. Your audience must be asking questions that your content is answering, and be thoroughly engaged with your material. Before the brainstorming and idea pitching happens, you need to understand your target audience and the keywords they’re searching. Answer the Public allows you to discover what your audience is searching for, so you can empower your content and maximize the effectiveness to engage your target audience.

Ahh…every writer’s best friend. You don’t want to run out of words or have your writing come across as stale. The Thesaurus helps you use the right word and enliven your writing. It also provides you with antonyms and sentence examples. Just type a word into the search box and brace yourself for an expanded vocabulary.

Google Drive
At Laughing Samurai, we simply would cease to exist without Google Drive. Google Drive offers 15 GB of free online storage. All data is stored in the cloud, so you can allow anyone you choose to access your files from anywhere. Your team can collaborate on content, offer comments and suggestions, edit and review version history to check out previous revisions.

Evergreen content can seriously enhance your ability to be found when potential customers are looking. Looking for a partner in this process? Laughing Samurai offers digital marketing services including content creation.