How To Get a King Cake By Fat Tuesday

One of our favorite holidays is around the corner! Fat Tuesday is a cherished holiday for many reasons. For some, it marks the end of Carnival. For others, it marks the beginning of Lent. And for us, it kicks off … Read More

Blistered Tomato Soup

Soup has this sad stigma of being a winter time meal. But, we’re here to tell you that as long as your AC isn’t broken in the Florida afternoon heat, soup is quick and easy comfort food year round. We … Read More

Whiskey Limoncello

There are many ways to make the Italian aperitivo, Limoncello. Typically, it’s made with a neutral grain spirit or Vodka. But we’ve Southern up the recipe by using some of our own barrel-aged shine! Since we only let our White … Read More

Beets & Booze – Recipe

A Recipe For: Whiskey Pickled Beets This is a quick refrigerator method of pickling – the alternate to actually canning. Recipe yields 1 gallon mason jar – or you could do multiple smaller jars Good for about 10 days. STEP … Read More

Building a Reclaimed Wood Wall.

While bringing natural and rustic elements indoors is by no means a new fad, we do think that its a lasting aesthetic that brings authentic warmth into any environment. Chances are you’ve seen dozens of reclaimed wood projects in the … Read More

FedEx Mistake Turned Into Glorious Pear Jam

Over the holidays, our lovely neighbors over at Marketing Agency Six Degrees ordered us a fine batch of Harry & David Pears. You know, the giant ones wrapped in gold foil!? But, despite both our and Harry’s (or maybe it … Read More