10 Year Olds Could Do Our Job

We’ve written some lengthy blogs lately and thought you might need a break from thinking this fine Friday afternoon. So, enjoy this video from Grip Limited. In honor of their 10th anniversary, Grip Limited brought in a team of 10 … Read More

Pinterest = Absurd Amounts of Referral Traffic

About 6 months ago, the articles on “Using Pinterest to Build Your Brand” were simply unavoidable. So, once we ran out of excuses, we hopped on the bandwagon. We started a Laughing Samurai account, added a handful of boards and … Read More

On Branding: 1 Gorilla Is Worth 1,000 Elves

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Responsive Web Design vs. Mobile Web Design

“Smart” technology becomes more mainstream everyday. We’ve reached the point in our country where smartphone users have just now eclipsed the number of basic phone users. And the amount of people without a cell phone at all is small, very … Read More

Your Website, the Chevy.

We love to make new, effective websites. Really, we love it. But one thing people sometimes forget is that maintaining a website is just as important as creating it. Things fall apart, it’s the nature of life. If all we … Read More

The Rise of Digital Marketing Agencies

Since the turn of the century, the world of marketing has changed, and as the world turns more digital, more emphasis is placed on digital marketing. What exactly is digital marketing? To be specific, stuff like search engine marketing, social … Read More