A Rebrand Is Not Cosmetic Surgery

A businesses is a living thing. And just like any other, it grows and changes. When this happens, it might be time to rebrand. Do you want your present and your future tied down by your past? Do you want … Read More

Brand Marketing vs. Product Marketing

Slipping Into Something More Comfortable Let’s talk shoes. Once upon a time, if you were in the market for a good shoe, you went to the local shoe store and bought the best quality for the best value. It didn’t … Read More

Taglines. Because People Remember Pith.

If you want to write a great tagline, first understand the nature of one. A tagline is NOT the same as a slogan. Slogans come and go throughout product campaigns, and they vary among different target markets. Let’s say The … Read More

The Art of Writing Website Content

Some people think “nobody reads anymore,” but that is not wholly true. Perhaps, people don’t read as many novels or how-to books anymore, but everyday, people read a lot of information. Especially on the internet. These days, we may think … Read More

A Pitch for "The Pitch"

Ever since AMC’s series Mad Men became the hit television sensation that it is, the world of advertising has steadily crept into our culture’s realm of public interest. In order to further cash in on this phenomenon, AMC created a … Read More

A Good Name Is Hard to Find

Okay, we won’t start this blog post with the Shakespeare quote, “What’s in a name,” (as many others do when approaching the subject of naming a business), but we can’t guarantee we won’t end with one. Names, in general, are … Read More