Skewering Digital Skeuomorphs for Web Design

What-o-morph? Skeuomorph. Here’s a definition straight from the all-trusty wiktionary: “A design feature copied from a similar artifact in another material, even when not functionally necessary […] A skeuomorph can be employed for various purposes. Since people are used to … Read More

Content Strategists Know How to Party

Just three years ago, if you asked most web design agencies if they had a content strategist on staff, or even a content strategy in place, they would’ve said a what? But then Kristina Halvorson wrote a book called Content … Read More

Laughing Samurai on: Preparing for the Zombie Apocalypse.

Being a branding agency, we have no shortage of discussions involving fringe topics. There’s a theory that the best creatives are just a little bit crazy, which usually manifests itself into thinking about things that other people would find rather … Read More

The Internal Importance of Corporate Identity

Many agencies, often us at Laughing Samurai included, get caught up talking about the ways a solid corporate identity attracts consumers. There is good reason for that: it’s true. But perhaps some have undervalued the importance of corporate identity for … Read More

Clean and Retro Is the New Black

Logo Design as a Reflection of Contemporary Culture Everyone knows it: retro is “in” these days. That shouldn’t surprise you. One of the defining aspects of American culture since the mid-to-late 2000’s has been our obsession with faded and outdated … Read More

Laughing Samurai vs. The Snooze Alarm

We will admit… In yesterday’s morning meeting, we found out that the most groggy of us at Laughing Samurai are chronic snooze alarm pushers who might slap the ringing alarm up to four times before slumping out of bed. This … Read More