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You may have seen billboards recently that read “hellofriend” or been puzzled by one of the monkeybar swinging, pizza flipping, cat sitting commercials that have no message (other than “hello friend”) and no company promoted. If you have been wondering who is behind these conspicuous ads, you are not alone.

Why we’re talking about it.

After seeing a billboard with the conjoined words “hellofriend” and a yellow swoosh (or smile) underneath but a lack of company name/logo, we instantly thought Amazon and did a quick quick google search, hoping to solve the mystery. Turns out, we weren’t the only ones searching and speculating. These ads, rumored to be created by Brighthouse Networks, have also sparked thoughts of Vonage, Florida Tourism, Aliens, and Jesus (yes, some think it has to do with the end of the world). We found viewers are downright irritated watching ads that have zero take-away.

Who’s behind it.

Confirmation claims from curious individuals (who’ve called around) and rumored employees have stated that Brighthouse is indeed behind these ads. While there hasn’t been any validation from the company itself, there is some evidence to support the claim: the ads seem to be aired only in the areas Brighthouse services, “hellofriend” is written in all lowercase (like the logo) and the colors are similar (except when there is purple instead of blue…weird).

Superbowl or Bust.

We cut Brighthouse some slack at first, assuming that the big (company) reveal would be made in a Superbowl commercial. After 4 quarters and a Giants win, not a single Brighthouse commercial was aired that Sunday night. If there wasn’t a reveal then, when?

Creating (negative) buzz.

These ads are definitely creating some buzz in the internet world. However, the majority of this “buzz” is coming from frustrated viewers who want to know, “who’s behind it and what’s the point”! People aren’t necessarily talking about the brand, because they don’t know who the brand is. We’d be curious to see what, if any, affect this campaign is having on Brighthouse, or if companies such as Amazon are reaping the benefits instead.

Kara Mosley

Kara Mosley

Kara Mosley is a proud member of the Samurai family – handling marketing content and logistical needs at the LS headquarters. She carries a love for unexpected details, minimalistic design, inviting atmospheres and all things cozy. To learn more about her inspirations and interest, peruse the social buttons below.

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