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Advertising is changing

You may have heard this one: To a man with a hammer everything looks like a nail. People say it because it makes sense, and there are not many more things a hammer can do outside of hammer things.

You may have also heard this one: Advertising is changing. There are many advertising tools that used to “work” that are becoming outdated. People are so numb to things that they are no longer consciously noticing the messages that are being hammered at them.

Our creative agency has only one tool, and we try to use it like an ever expanding Swiss army knife. A company that sells hammers is constantly looking for things to nail. We prefer to think of ourselves as custom tool builders. You may have a task that needs to be approached creatively, like advertising your product or service. You may be looking at your box of hammers and saying, there has to be a better way of doing this. The reason you wont hear us talking about the tool before we know the desired outcome is the tool may not have been invented yet.

Creatively marketing your business requires stepping away from the toolbox and letting your imagination run wild until you have some good advertising solutions. This is why the services we list on our website don’t include graphic design, media buying or outdoor advertising. We may suggest that our client use one of these tools, but the service we provide as creative agency is creatively delivering the message of your business, and the way we do that has to be effective. The measure of our effectiveness is usually selling product, but that product may be a good, service or an idea. In order to do that we always make sure that our customers are using the right advertising tools.

Hammers aren’t effective at chopping down trees, so if you’re looking for hammer and you need a lumberjack you might get frustrated with the hammer for not doing its job. It’s not the hammers fault, you just needed a chainsaw.

Benjamin Collins

Benjamin Collins

Benjamin Collins is the Co-Founder of Laughing Samurai. A perpetual optimist, aspiring yogi and postmodern family man, Benjamin is all about connecting people and ideas. If you'd like to contact him, you can do so via our contact page or read his blog:

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